Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by. <3 

My name is Amna and my teen daughter is Aaliyah. Two Craftistas began in early 2016. I am a teacher and was teaching 2nd grade for 9 years, but after having my fourth in the summer of 2015, I decided to take a break to focus more on family. 

Well, after a few months of being at home, it was just too hard to not DO anything work related after working for so long. At around the same time, I had casually started following blogs and Facebook pages about learning techniques to craft and personalize items. After months of research, I bought a few machines to get started, and here we are today. 

Aaliyah is the artist - if I ever need a custom drawing for a product, she is my go-to. Check out our custom family drawing mug. She creates the kids on the mugs according to personalization requests! She is also the best tutu maker this side of town. I don't even attempt those anymore. I take care of everything else related to this business, which can be a lot, but I love it. 

Our business is focused around a combination of themes. We create products geared towards teachers, since that comes naturally to me. So you will see tons of teacher tees and gift ideas. But we also combine our religion and culture to produce items for that community. Combining two of my passions in a business that allows me to also be home for my kids is more than I can ask for. 

We hope that you enjoy browsing out site and find just the perfect item. And if you don't, contact us! We can work with you in creating something special.

Warm Regards,

Amna and Aaliyah